My Commitment to you…

It is my commitment to:

  • assist your quest to become a healthier person
  • provide a clean, safe and secure environment wherein
    you to reach your full potential
  • help you achieve your swim goals
  • provide you simple to understand instruction and communication
  • challenge your progress only when you are ready to advance
  • respond to your inquiries promptly and thoroughly
  • confirm your lessons in advance
  • provide you the best value for your investment

Beginning Swimmers will learn how to:

  • relax and how to breathe correctly
  • maximize your results, while you minimize your effort
  • swim freestyle on your side
  • take long and powerful strokes
  • decrease drag and effort, while increasing efficiency and speed

Tri-athletes will learn how to:

  • maximize stroke length
  • increase lung capacity from correct breathing
  • swim in a straight line
  • swim with your head up, while sighting on a target
  • use your upper body core strength, while conserving your legs

Water Polo players will learn how to…

  • increase stroke length
  • increase stroke power
  • improve kicking
  • improve head up and head down swimming
  • improve freestyle and backstroke swimming

Club and Masters level swimmers will learn how to…

  • decrease stroke count
  • improve stroke quality
  • decrease risk of injury
  • improve starts and turns
  • improve underwater streamline efficiency
  • improve speed

All swimmers will learn how to...

  • swim well then fast!