My Commitment to you…

Thank you for your interest in swimming lessons. 

As long as there have been swimmers, there have been coaches. As your coach, earning your trust, giving you easy to understand instruction with an emphasis on quality, time and effort, will provide us the foundation for our success. I pledge my fullest commitment to help you reach your swimming goals.  We will work and succeed together!

As for your swimming lessons…you will first learn to relax.  By doing so, your breathing will be comfortable and easy.  You will learn how to use your body effectively and efficiently. You will learn how to take long, smooth and powerful strokes, using your core muscle group, to generate your forward propulsion.   

Lessons will proceed through an easy to implement, progressive series of swimming drills. You will learn how to swim well then fast! 

With each lap completed, your results will be immediately reviewed, feedback exchanged, and corrective action will be given. When you struggle to advance, we will patiently fix the flaw.  When you succeed, you will receive your well earned encouragement.  We will proceed on your schedule, not mine. 

I will challenge you mentally and physically. I will explain why we make stroke enhancements, what muscle groups to use, and what I expect from you in return. We will communicate verbally and non-verbally.  All this…and you will have fun.

I look forward to helping you get started.  How about today?